Yoga holds a very dear place in my heart. Yoga brought me back to ME. That is why I include the practice in my body awareness coaching. Holy Yoga is the school I have studied with the most and believe is the most influential for life changing practices.

There are three styles of yoga I practice and teach that focus on different areas of your body awareness journey. Everyone is different, so your yoga practice may be different than my next client’s.

Power Vinyasa is a practice that will help you feel the beat of your heart and rhythm of your movements. This is great for those of us who feel stagnant and need to feel the body in motion.

Yogalates is a practice that focuses on our core stength. This is great for those of us needing to build our foundation again. Our core holds everything in place.

Yin is a practice (my favorite) that focuses on stretching and lengthening the body. This is great for those of us needing to learn how to sit, be still, and breath through discomfort and trusting in the process. A powerful practice!

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For more information about my yoga background, can read my yoga bio below.

430hr Registered Master Holy Yoga Instructor (R-MHYI) + Yoga Alliance RYT 200hr Certified

Having a passion for self expression and the human condition, Heidi was instantly drawn to yoga over a decade ago. For someone who loved being active, yoga seemed like the perfect balance of physical and mental health.  After undergoing open heart surgery in 2012, Heidi used yoga to bring her back into health, physically and mentally.  Yoga taught her to breathe again. But most importantly, yoga brought God back into her life. Being able to use yoga as therapy AND a physical workout has become one of the greatest gifts Heidi believes she can give to herself, and she hopes to help others experience the same healing effects yoga has to offer.   She teaches a mix of power vinyasa flow and yin, while at the same time uses motivational speaking and storytelling, weaving in encouragement throughout the practice.  Yoga is a journey and a reflection of our lives, and Heidi seeks to teach others how to use yoga as a means of living their lives to the fullest.

Heidi is certified in Holistic Yoga Flow: Vinyasa, as well as a Registered Master Holy Yoga Instructor.  She also is certified to teach Yogalates through Holy Yoga.  Her favorite classes to practice are feminine embodiment, power vinyasa, yin stretching, yogalates, and Iyengar alignment.

God is always present in her practice, and her biggest wish is to invite Him in to yours.