Proverbs 4:11-12

“I have pointed you in the way of wisdom; I have steered you down the path to integrity. So get going. And as you go, know this: with integrity you will overcome all obstacles; even if you run, you will not stumble.”

As someone who has been through her share of ups and downs –some may even say I’ve experienced more in my short 30 some years than most would in a lifetime– I will always keep my eyes on the Truth. I’ve had women twice my age, women I look up to and admire, tell me they are thankful for my wisdom.

This took me a while to get used to. Being told I am wise. Isn’t that for women who have already raised their families and are enjoying retirement with their spouse? Women who have walked in faith for decades and have bible verses memorized like it was their job?


Wisdom comes with experience. And friends, having experienced life, both heavy and heartbreaking, how-the-heck-did-this-happen-to-me kind of seasons, and the most breathtaking, beautiful, redemptive and happy kind of seasons…there is Truth that keeps me going.

God loves me.

What a simple sentence. But oh the power it has to allow you to break AND put you back together again…better than before. God loves YOU.

I am here to meet with you, one-on-one, to listen and offer up biblical Truth, to speak into your life no matter what season you’re in. So often we are given words others think we’d like to hear. I’ve done that in the past. I know God wants His children to hear His Truth, and I will offer you Truth during our meeting.

I meet with women for 1 hour via Google Hangouts. You will recieve an email leading up to our time together where you’ll find a questionnaire that gives me a glimpse into the season you’re in, any questions you have, and how I can be praying for you and our time together. After our meeting, you will recieve a follow-up email with ways to keep your faith muscles strong and walk out what we discover in our one-on-one.

Mentoring is $60 per session. I’m honored to be a part of your journey. To get started, simply email