God and Yoga

I have found my greatest healing on the mat.  Before I let God back into my heart at the age of 24, I had been practicing yoga for 6 years.  I loved to move my body through each pose.  My breath would guide my movements.

I always looked at yoga as a way to help me sort through life.  The way I handled certain flows, postures, and holds was an indicator of how I handled similar situations, or seasons, of life.  I always found comfort knowing I could count on my breath to get my through the practice.  The breath was a constant, safe place to land.

When I finally became a believer again I realized why I felt guided by my breath…

I realized the breath was God.

He was always with me, even when I wasn’t acknowledging Him as part of my life for a decade or so.  

I realized that the way I experienced God was maybe unconventional in a Christian world.  Being a kinesthetic individual, I needed to feel God in my life.  I discovered that my yoga practice was an embodied experience that brought me closer to knowing and understanding His presence in my life.  

I later became a certified yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance.  Yet the bulk of my studies as been through Holy Yoga. 

I understand yoga isn’t for everyone.  Maybe you experience God through physically holding your Bible in your hands, seeing the words.  Maybe it’s through looking at artwork or creating artwork yourself.  Maybe it’s through dance or acting, or a kickboxing class or running early in the morning.  

Maybe you experience Him the most while you’re driving around trying to get your kids to nap in the car, or in the shower because those are the only  chances you get to have “alone” time.   Maybe it’s a prayer closet or locked in the bathroom.  Been there, done that!

Wherever you find your alone time to experience time with God, it’s an embodied experience. 

This is a piece of writing from my devotional Petalouda: Faithfully Transforming Through Seasons of Change.

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