Petalouda: Greek for butterfly. 

Butterflies keep coming up in my life lately.  I started noticing them during Lent.  My 3yo son came home from school one day and told me “caterpillars go through metamorphosis to become butterflies”. Yes they do!  Then the great butterfly migration from Mexico to the north was happening (I may have accidentally hit some with my car…putting an end to hundreds of sweet butterflies). I started thinking about how the change a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly is pretty significant.  They stay inside a cocoon, resting, changing, taking their time.  They are completely changed when they break through! 

Ah!  That’s what a season of change will do to you!  And it’s beautiful.  You will never ever be the same person you were after you make it to the butterfly season of change.  Notice that even butterflies get hit by cars, too.  We are always going to have seasons where we die to our old self and come out someone else.  My prayer is someone even better. 

I’ve been playing around with the butterfly and seasonal flowers.  Yesterday I had a second to create some sketches.  And it was HEALING.  I’d say I’m in the cocoon season.  Allowing the metamorphosis to take place.  Creating…being created in the process. 

What season of metamorphosis are you in?

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