Beauty choices that make a positive impact…

Not just for your skin and appearance but more importantly…our health!

Have you ever stopped to think about the impact beauty and skincare products have on your health? Your skin is your largest organ and soaks in literally anything that comes into contact with it. So imagine what’s happening when you rub and apply products that are filled with chemicals that you’re either unaware of or can’t pronounce. Eventually, the damage will catch up to you. Either physically, emotinally, spiritually, or all of the above.

What? Makeup can impact my emotional and spiritual health? That sounds like crazy-talk, Heidi!

I know, I know. But hear me out. What I’ve been learning more and more this year is being intentional about what I put ON my body. Go to my home page to read more about my philosophy. So what we put on our body will have an impact on all areas of our life. The clothes we wear, the accesories we purchase, the makeup and skincare we use. These all come with a choice.

Now, I understand that money can and does play a large role in what we can put on our bodies. For a long time I thought that purchasing cheaper options was saving me money. Which, yes, at the moment it will. But I found myself buying different options of makeup or skincare products because I was not pleased with the application or appearance of the makeup, or the skincare products I needed for acne or whatever my skin was craving just wasn’t working.

Once I started investing in higher quality and safer products, I noticed a very drastic change in my skin. I noticed that I needed fewer products because my skin was clearing up. The products I invested in were from Beautycounter, and were safe and clean. The added junk you’ll find in many other products were preventing healing to take place. And when my skin started clearing up, I needed less makeup to hide imperfections. Now I use makeup to only enhance my skin, like a bronzer and a bold lipstic. But of course I love to play with makeup so I’ll add a tinted moisturizer, eyeshadow and brow pencil to create a more lively look.

And when you start to fix your issues, whether it’s skin, weight, diet, whatever these superficial issues are, you’ll notice a ripple effect take place. Your heart will start to open up more to making better choices in other areas of your life. Where will you invest your money? Will you help support someone you know in person or pay a company you aren’t emotionally invested in? It’s been so beautiful and rewarding for me to know I am purchasing products from Beautycounter and other businesses with a mission to help educate and bring freedom to others. My choices are impacting my health and the happiness of others.

Beautycounter hasn’t only changed my skin, but it continues to inspire me to share and educate everyone on the impact something so simple as makeup and skincare can have on ones life…and the lives of others.

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