Intentional Beauty

A large part of me has been yearning to be more intentional about what I put on my body. Not only with cleaner makeup and skincare, but the clothes and jewelry I wear.

I’ve been known to be a shopaholic and spend too much on a bunch of cheap thrills that really only get used once or twice. Items I could really care less about. But this year I am focusing on my heart and what it’s been telling me is do what you love! Be aligned with who you are!

And that’s vintage, second hand, purchasing from people I know or companies that are sustainable and are all about people over profit! So not only do I care about body acceptance in terms of loving our physical body inside and out.

I care about what we put ON our bodies.

Fashion is a statement and I’m passionate about this! The first thing someone notices about you is your appearance. And if you’re at all like me, you’re going to ask someone where they got that top or those shoes if you like them enough to ask! It would be amazing to spread the word to more and more people to think about where their clothes and accessories come from.

Ultimately supporting one another.

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