Thanks for visiting. I created this space to help guide women to faithfully transform through seasons of change. A metamorphosis. And to remember their TRUTH. And by TRUTH, I mean who we are meant to be…not who we were or who we want to be. Who we were made to be IN THIS SEASON.

My focus is on body image, overcoming trauma, and self-care and love. Whatever you’ve experienced in your body can change the way you feel and believe about yourself. And I’m here to help you dig deep and remember the TRUTH.


I believe you have the choice to live your life with integrity and intention. This will help you be who you TRULY are. What you put ON your body. What you put IN your body. How you MOVE your body. And how you LOVE your body. These are the areas we need to work on most to shift our belief system.

But there is help, and I am here to guide you through your journey of becoming. I do this by teaching Holy Yoga classes and retreats, body awareness coaching, intentional style and beauty education, as well as commisioned self portraits for women.

Please feel free to look around my site. The tabs above will lead you to where we can work together to best suit your needs. I also blog to share bits and pieces of my own life that help me remember my truth. To learn more about me, visit my about page.